Cameron Shayne

Cameron Shayne

Founder and creator of Budokon University, and the BDK Mixed Movement Arts

Pioneer and Innovator of the Mixed Movement Arts Culture

Cameron Shayne is sometimes identified as artist, writer, innovator, movement pioneer, people liberator, father. Other times he is declared as virgin saint, voyager of the unknown, bullshit exorcist. He is renown for his inspiring and provocative writings on the contemporary yoga scenes. His radically honest and transparent style of teaching through critical analysis has established him as a guiding voice for modern yoga.

During the 90’s, Cameron Shayne established himself as a pioneering voice and transmitter of contemporary yoga, martial arts, and animal locomotion. Renown for being a teacher of teachers, he is respected worldwide for creating the Budokon art form, and for his inspiring and provocative writings on social philosophy.

He has been credited for helping Kerri Walsh win her first olympic gold medal, giving Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan and Renee Russo their incredible physiques, choreographing fight scenes for Rush Hour 1 & 2 with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan, and helping rehab Charlie Sheen from drug addiction. Cameron received his black belt in Olympic Style Taekwondo under Masters Paul & Dan Harmon in 1992. He received his black belt in Yoshukai Japanese Karate-do under Shihan Jerry Blanck in 2003. He is currently completing his black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under the tutelage of Professor’s Gui Arashiro, Xande Ribeiro, and Rafael Lovato Jr.

Cameron has been studying and sharing yoga and mobility for over 25 years, producing hundreds of teachers in the fields of yoga, martial arts and free form movement. He currently lives and runs Budokon University & BDK Academy in Miami, Florida with his wife Budokon University Director Melayne Shayne, where they teach local classes for the Florida Movement culture.
Cameron and Melayne travel extensively throughout the year educating inspired students in their Budokon teacher trainings and as headliners for yoga conferences and festivals around the world.


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